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PictoBot on the news!

Published on: 27-Oct-2016

​A new robot that can paint faster than humans will soon be brushing its way across industrial buildings here, and may even roll into other spaces if ongoing tests take off.

The PictoBot, invented by scientists from the Nanyang Technological University's (NTU) Robotics Research Centre, can spray-paint high interior walls 25 per cent faster than two workers.

The principal investigator of the project, Professor Chen I-Ming, director of the NTU Robotics​ Research Centre, said the PictoBot has a higher quality of finish compared with current painting methods: "Painting large industrial spaces is repetitive, labour intensive and time-consuming. The autonomous behaviour also means that a single operator can handle multiple robots and refill their paint reservoirs." Prof Chen's team will continue to look at improving the robot, such as enabling it to replace its own paint cans and paint in more than one colour.

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