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​MAEAA Terrarium Workshop

Published on: 25-Nov-2016

On 19th November 2016, the MAEAA 2016-2018 executive committee held its first workshop activity that brought together 27 alumni and their family members on a Terrarium crafting experience. In the two-hour Terrarium crafting session, alumni and guests brought home their personalized moss terrariums together with an afternoon well spent catching up and networking with long-time friends and fellow alumni.

The session started with participants picking out the materials needed for their terrariums, including a choice of different jars and decorative items to be put into the jar. This is followed by a theory lesson on what the terrarium crafting process will be like, what to take note of when putting the different components of the terrarium together, and finally, how to take care of it after bringing it home. Participants then got down to a step-by-step guided process to build their terrariums, layering the pebbles, sphagnum moss, activated charcoal and terrarium mix, and finally the key component of the terrarium- the greens. We have chosen to use moss as the greens for this workshop for easier handling and the unique contours it provides to the terrarium landscape. Finally, participants unleashed their creative juices in the last step to decorate their terrariums, which saw positive competition and comparison amongst participants as they try to outdo each other in their unique project.

The workshop was held at Make-Your-Own, which is a cozy handcrafting workshop tucked away in the residential areas in Aljunied. Other than terrarium workshops, they also conduct lessons for leather products crafting, calligraphy and copper tube lamp-making. Participants had a great time touring the exhibits of other hand-made products in the workshop, especially their industrial-themed workspace design.

​ At the end of the workshop, participants packed their terrariums away in a fitting cardboard carrier, and some instructions on how to maintain the terrariums. All in all, it was a great afternoon well spent with fellow alumni and being able to bring back a momento crafted personally. The MAEAA regularly conducts hands-on workshops, which included coffee appreciation workshops, leather crafting workshops, and cooking sessions, and sees a dedicated segment of alumni who are interested in picking up new skills or doing personal crafts. This is among other activities that the MAEAA organizes, like events for families and adventure or sporting activities. With that, the MAEAA invites all MAE alumni to take part actively in the activities organized, and also welcomes suggestions on what alumni may be interested in.​​

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