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“One Hour, One Thought” Workshop Series #4 What’s the worth of a Ph.D​​​

Published on: 24-Oct-2014

The Graduate Student Club of School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE GSC) organized its fourth “One Hour One Thought” workshop on 24th Sept, 2014.

The title of this workshop was ‘What’s the worth of a Ph.D.?’ Prof. Chen Songlin delivered an engrossing and entertaining talk on the various aspects of being a Ph.D. student by relating it with his personal experience. He went on to weigh the pros and cons of the lives of Ph.D. students and the obstacles they face during their research work. Sixty students turned up for this workshop. Knowledge shared by Prof. Chen Songlin about the career opportunities for Ph.D. students benefitted many aspirants amongst the audiences. ​​​

2014 csl talk1.jpg     2014 csl talk3.jpg

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