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​Congratulations to MAE’s CriGroup on winning 2nd place at Airbus Shopfloor Challenge!

Published on: 26-May-2016



The Airbus Shopfloor Challenge was one of the Robot Challenges at ICRA 2016, a highlight of the annual ICRA conference, and an opportunity for leading robotics teams to share their innovative ideas with leaders in the field.

The competition allows competing teams to design and build an advanced lightweight robotic system that is able to perform accurate drilling compliant with aeronautic standards. During the competition, these robots performed several rounds of a simplified drilling task on an artefact representing part of the aircraft fuselage.

Success was measured based on the number of holes drilled within a specified time and accuracy. This consists of drilling holes in an aluminium panel following a given pattern of 255 holes, mimicking real drilling tasks in aircraft manufacturing. The required precision was 0.5 mm in terms of hole position and 0.04 mm in terms of hole diameter. The position and orientation of the panel are unknown coming into the round and must be determined by robot vision.  

Team CriGroup is a research group from NTU, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, led by Assistant Professor Pham Quang Cuong. Their main objective is to build robotic systems that benefit workers around the world.

During the Airbus Shopfloor Challenge, the main strong point of CriGroup was their expertise in robot motion planning and control, which allowed finding fast drilling trajectories while using a much smaller and lighter robot (Denso VS-060) than the competition. It was an impressive technology to Airbus, and finally, CriGroup emerged as the 2nd place in this competition.

Congratulations to CriGroup!

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