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​MAE Students Won Global Capstone Design Award 2018

Published on: 13-Nov-2018

2 teams of MAE students from Design and Robotics & Mechatronics Stream have won the Gold (2nd) and Bronze (6th) Award for the Global Capstone Design Award 2018 in August 2018!

The top 4 teams (including one of our teams) from the Capstone Design Award 2018 have been invited to participate the E^2 Festa, which will be held in Ilsan, Korea on 8th and 9th November 2018.

Team 15 (Gold Award)

 Gold team photo (Braille-in).jpg

Team members:

Albert Christian (Robotics & Mechatronics Stream), Song Xue Ting (Design Stream), Yong Wei Yaw (Design Stream) and along with two other Korean students from Dongshin University.

Their product Braille-in is an assistive device which helps the visually impaired learn and practice using Braille in their daily lives. Due to the prevalence of smartphones and various voice commanding functions, there is a Braille Literacy Crisis among the visually impaired community. To reverse the trend, the team believes that technology can supplement instead of replacing how Braille helps the community, and hence, they developed a product to help the visually impaired learn and practice Braille, regaining their fluency in the language.

"i-CAPS is indeed a unique learning experience. It has offered international collaboration (with every group from each university consisting of 2 Korean Students). Furthermore, our team consisted of 3 NTU students with 3 different nationalities, which has the most diversity among all other groups. People said it is never easy to do an international collaboration, but our group had proven them wrong by successfully clenching the gold prize. As this is an annual event, we hope that NTU can support participants in this competition every year." - Albert Christian


Team 16 (Bronze award)

 Bronze team photo.jpg

Team members:

Joandy Leonata Pratama (Robotics & Mechatronics Stream), Le Bao Trung (Design Stream), Liaw Ying Qi (Design Stream) and along with two other Korean students from Chonbuk National University. 

Their product is a smart bracelet to improve hospital care for patients with dementia. Due to the advancement in smart technology, their team has developed a prototype to show live data of dementia patients to improve the efficiency of hospital care for patients with dementia.

"It was definitely a very interesting experience to come up with different designs and ideas to solve the problem given by the organiser. Furthermore, working with the Koreans remotely was also a very interesting experience, as we were contributing to different technical perspectives and ideas throughout the project. While they were not as fluent in their English as compared to us, we need to learn how to convey messages in a simple yet thorough manner. It was a definitely an enriching journey." – Joandy Leonata Pratama


More information about the competition

The International Capstone Design Competition (i-CAPS) 2018 was held by the Innovation Hub Center for Engineering Education (HICEE) and hosted by Chonbuk National University. 19 teams consisting of international students from Korea, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore were invited to participate in the event.

The E^2 Festa is an annual engineering festival which showcases the latest capstone design projects from all around Korea. International capstone design projects are also selected to present at this festival following the preliminary round held by the seven HICEEs around Korea. E^2 Festa will be held in Ilsan, Korea on 8th and 9th November 2018.


More information about the event can be found on their website at

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