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​RoboMaster Competition 2017

Published on: 16-Aug-2017

​A team of 30 NTU undergraduate students (consists both MAE and non-MAE students) built 8 robots from scratch and took part in the world largest robotic competition “RoboMaster” from 27 Jul to 6 Aug 2017 held at Shenzhen. NTU Team MECATRON won the 2nd Place in the group including a 2:0 match winning University of Washington, Seattle.

RoboMaster is an annual robotics competition for teams of aspiring engineers to design and build next-generation robots for completing difficult tasks and hand-to-hand combat. Till date, RoboMaster has attracted 200+ universities worldwide (including those from the USA, Germany, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, China and Singapore), more than 7,000 undergraduate and post-graduate students and 13 million of audience watching the competition online during the Grand Final. Through fierce competition and team-building, RoboMaster aims to provide an exciting new venue for science and engineering students to contribute their creativity and skills outside the classroom.

"By taking part in RoboMaster competition, it gave 30 of us a chance to work together as a team to develop our own robots with the textbook knowledge learnt from NTU curriculum. Besides spending days and nights in building robots that can achieve a good result during the competition, we also learn a lot on communication and management skills. Upon arrival at the competition arena, we also obtain deeper insights in robotics by interacting with team members from other universities such as University of Washington, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Xian Jiaotong University etc.

Furthermore, the competition organizer also arranged us to interact with the engineers from Da-jiang Innovation, the world-leading drone company, which enables our team members to learn from the industrial leaders. All of these exposures helped us to obtain a better understanding on robotics beyond textbook knowledge. Overall, it was an invaluable and awesome experience to take part in RoboMaster 2017: Firm friendship was built and technical knowledge was applied and practiced." - Team MECATRON


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