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MAEAA French Wine Appreciation Workshop​​

Published on: 17-Dec-2017

In the midst of the exciting holiday season, a group of MAE alumni got together for an introductory course on French Wine Appreciation. The workshop was held on the afternoon of 17th December 2017 at the sleek but cozy office lounge of Fine Wines Singapore.

Participants of the workshop were welcomed with a range of canapés and took the opportunity to get to know each other better before the workshop started. The workshop was then started off with a concise but comprehensive history and background of wine origination and production in France. Participants had a good tongue-tied session repeating the names of grapes and villages in France after the workshop conductor, PK, as he went through the different wines types which are distributed across France. Participants also had a short question and answer session on reading and interpreting wine labels, and how to perceive wines of different qualities. The practical session started off with participants tasting and classifying two glasses of white wines before them into Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, according to the taste and smell of the wines. Participants were then treated to a selection of more canapés, cheeses and hams, as they proceeded to taste 4 different types of red wines. Taught to be like a real connoisseur to hold the wine glasses correctly, swirl the glass, smell the wine before tasting them in our palates, we were required to deduce which were Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Syrah of different vintages, quality and prices based on the colour, smell, taste and tannic of the wines. For non-experienced wine drinkers like the most of us, the lines between the 4 different red wines eventually got so blurred especially with the tasty snacks we were pairing them with, that we got most of our answers wrong. However, it was an enjoyable session where alumni enjoyed the wines and food over much laughter and chatter.

Indeed as promised, this introductory class was packed with practical information that turned us into more confident and informed wine consumers. Participants at the workshop spent a meaningful afternoon improving their wine knowledge, discovering their wine palate, and knowing how to select the right wine for the right occasion. Fine Wines Singapore is a wine supplier who sources for and provides fine and rare wines to different sets of consumers. The company conducts frequent wine appreciation and tasting sessions, and supply wines to individuals, corporate groups and hotels. If you have missed this workshop opportunity during the busy festive season, fret not, as you can still gather your close group of friends and associates for many other kinds of workshops and tasting sessions that the company can conduct for you.

We look forward to having MAE alumni at our other upcoming events. Do keep a look out for publicity mailers for our events through the email addresses you have registered with MAE, or through our Facebook page. If you have ideas on what activities to engage in for the next alumni gathering or event, you welcomed to email us at ​​​​


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