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Minor in Systems Management

The Minor is open to all students of NTU except those from MAE.

The School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering offers a unique minor "Minor in Systems Management". The Minor integrates knowledge and skills from engineering sciences, economic sciences, human sciences and is supported with skills from the information sciences.

Systems Engineering and Management encompasses the journey of bringing a product, be it big or small, simple or complex, to realisation. Courses related to the product realization spectrum are therefore the essence of what is proposed for this minor. The Minor in Systems Management provides the students with a spectrum of applicable knowledge in the following areas: (a) customer and enterprise creation, (b) product engineering, (c) manufacturing systems and automation, or process engineering (d) supply chain and logistics engineering, or operational/logistics engineering and (e) systems thinking and engineering management in order to align the whole system at all times.

The Minor in Systems Management is designed for NTU undergraduates to understand a broader paradigm on knowledge creation related to intertwining aspects of product and project development for the activities that they have to carry out in their professional life. With the ability to view a given system, both in the lowest level and from the broader level, our graduates will be placed in a better position to understand the complexity of business and technological development. Such skills contribute to enterprise creation and sustenance. This way the students are equipped with paradigms and skill sets associated with current, as well as new engineering enterprises in the 21st century.

A strong balance of breath and depth over the course spread are planned for Minor in Systems Management. Learning outcomes include understanding the micro aspects of product realisation to the macro aspects of systems engineering and management – aspects essential to Leaders in Industry.

Basket of Courses for Minor in Systems Management

Nanyang Education (BRC)
Course Number of AUs Pre-requisite Course Offering
MA4843 Management of Product Development 3 nil S2
MA4845 Manufacturing Automation 3 nil S2
MA4849 Operations Research 3 nil S1
MA4850 Supply Chain and Logistics Management 3 nil S1
MA4854 Quality Assurance & Management  3 nil S2

For Exchange Programmes:

  • NTU students are welcome to read matched courses for our Minor programme during their exchange programme.
  • Students are expected to research sufficiently and independently on the course matches and will submit their course matching online for processing via the Course Matching Module in StudentLink once their application to attend an exchange programme is approved.
  • There is no restriction on the number of matched Minor courses to be read overseas.
  • The minimum grade to be counted for credit (AU) transfer has to be equitable to a Pass grade at the host university. All Pass and Fail grades will be reflected in Degree Audits and transcripts.

The decision to approve/reject is not restricted to, but is largely based on the following factors:

1)   match in content (approximately 75% match)
2)   contact hrs (3AUs = 39hrs of lectures/tutorials)
3)   the Minor course must be examinable

For further information and enquiries, please contact:

A/P Cai YiYu
Tel: 6790 5777
Email: MYYCAI@ntu.edu.sg