Nanyang Venture Series of Cars


Nanyang Venture VIII

NTU Venture 8 is a 4-wheel urban concept electric micro-car designed for the Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2015 competition. It was designed and built by students of College of Engineering at NTU under the guidance of Prof Ng Heong Wah. Their aim is to demonstrate that the emergent technology of 3D printing can be applied to make a large object such as a car. After an initial period of concept design, the micro car concept was developed in which the upper body or driver cabin can be customised to the needs of the individual customer. The vision is that in future cars the customer can choose or design the upper body and personally have it 3D printed out and assembled. The customer designed 3D-printed body shell mounted on strong lower black carbon fibre chassis. The load bearing chassis is fully drivable and carries all the necessary functional components such as the motor, batteries, electronics, suspensions, steering and drive train. The entire vehicle consists of the many conventional parts made of metal, carbon fibre and over 150 3D printed parts. The latter parts took 3 months to print and assemble. Special features of the car are the vertically opening doors and the 3D printed accessories such as instrument cluster, door latches, ventilation grills, innovative led lights and other frills.

Acknowledgements to sponsors
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Car Specifications

Dimensions and Weight
Length 320 cm
Width 130 cm
Height 120 cm
Additional Information
​Battery Electric Urban Concept Car
4 independent suspension​
​Vertical swing doors
​Carbon Fibre reinforced plastic chassis + ABS 3D printed bodyshell
​Honeycomb structure reinforcement in 3D bodyshell
​3D printed internal and external accessories and aesthetic trim
​LiOn Battery
​Battery Management System to maintain electronics’ health status(E.g Overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature, Cell balancing)
Automotive-grade solid-state relays​
​Solar panel on the roof

Team Members


Assoc Professor Ng Heong Wah
School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Team - From Left to Right : Rahul Nambiar, Ilmi B Ab Wahab, Lee Weng Kit,
Ng Jun Wen, Kam Sen Hao, Ng Kok Choong, Richmond Ten Wy Xin, Nicholas Adrian