Engineering Innovation & Design

EID Committee Members

Name Role
Overall In-charge
1. Associate Professor Chou Siaw Meng EID Chairman

2. Ms Thaiyanayagee d/o Venugopalan
Student registration, student attendance administration, course materials and manuals and orientation, EID web site administration, administration of Open House competition
Technical Support
3. Mr Tan Kiat Seng Technical support, purchase orders, lab related tasks (e.g. lab facilities), Open House setup
4. Mr Ng Jui Hock


Past Winners

Category ​​​Year 2019 ​​Year 2018​ ​​Year 2017
Design and Innovation
  • ​Lumière Max (Dual axis solar tracker)


  • Mobil-ease ,move with ease


  • Bin-lieve It


​•Smart eatery system


•TapOff: The Revolutionary Contactless Card​​
Health and Assistive Technologies
  • ​ASHE (Assistive Storage for Handicapped and Elderly)


  • Currency Differentiating Purse


  • RoTable
​​•LE Wheels

​•Operation Clean Handles

​​•FIX & SIT


Home and Living
  • ​Shelf Space


  • ARC Windev (Automatic Rain-sensing Capable Window-device)


  • Calor Food Heater

​•Smart Win


​•Oh My Plastics!​

​•Automated Drying Rack (Ez Hang)
  • ​FollowView


  • Piezo shoes


  • Drawear




​•Pinball Hockey​​
Safety and Security
  • ​DSLS (Dynamic Speed Limiter System for PMDs)


  • Rescue Band


  • LumiRide
​​•Home Safe

​•IU Smart lock ( INCASS )

​•Trolley-dispensing System (TdS)​


​•Stove Shutdown System (SSS)

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