Exchange Programmes


Overseas Exchange Programmes allow students to read courses and/or to work overseas. Earned academic units will be counted towards graduation requirements. The benefits of such programmes include the nourishment of the learning experience of students through the following ways:

- experience of an international education
- developing global perspectives
- cultural immersion
- facilitates any learning of foreign languages
- networking opportunities

Overview of Programmes - Exchange Criteria

MAE Exchange Briefing Session - November 2016

-For more information on GEM Explorer, fee-paying semester, please click on the click above to view the presentation slides​

New course? New partners? Download a template to send to Exchange Coordinator to review your course matchings.

MAE_GEM Discoverer Information - Credit Transfer and Course Matching
(Pls refer to MAE Briefing Session on submitting course matchings)​

Latest Updates:

10 Mar 2016 - VSB TUO course matching to HW0288 not approved for the following courses: 345-0307/09 Organization & Mgmt and 115-0577/09 Individual Career Development.​

02 Feb 2016 - VSB TUO course matching: 330-0301/02 Statics & 330-0302/02 Dynamics I cannot be matched to MA2002 Theory of Mechanism.

08 Dec 2015 - No course matching for MA0101 Engineers and Society and MA2005 Engineering Graphics​.

Special Term
Minimum CGPA  Year of Study  Other Criteria
Semester Exchange (Non-fee-paying) GEM Explorer 3.5   Priority is given to Singaporeans, followed by SPR and international students
GEM Discoverer (Work & Study) 2.5 Year 3 standing To pass all required interviews by School and/or company Proficient in Chinese language (for Work and Study in China)
GEM Explorer (Research Attachment) ​3.5 Year 3 standing​ ​Subject to availability of projects
Overseas Attachment Programme N.A. Year 3 standing To meet all pre-requisites for attachment 
SUSEP 3.5 N.A.
Special Term GEM Discoverer (Summer Studies) 2.5  N.A. N.A.
GEM Discoverer (Prelude) 2.5 Priority for final year students N.A.

Inbound Programme
GEM Trailblazer
For inbound exchange students, click here ​for the latest list of course offering.

Course Matching and Credit Transfer

You are welcome to contact us for clarification:

Outgoing & Incoming Exchange Matters 
(School level administrative matters)

Mr Tan Wei Zhe
Email: tanwz@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 5914
Office: N3-02a-14

Ms Thaiyanayagee d/o Venugopalan (Ms Tiana)
Email: THAIYANA@ntu.edu.sg 
Tel: 6790 5492
Office: N3-02a-14