Research Opportunities

The School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering offers Research Scheme(s) to expose undergraduates to the various research work and projects that are currently running in the school.

Scheme​ Eligibility​ Coordinators​
Undergraduate Research Experience On Campus (URECA)​ For Year 2 and 3 Student (Invitation to students)​ Prof Xiao Zhongmin Contact: 6790 4726 Location: N3.2-02-26

Undergraduate Research Experience in Campus (URECA)

URECA is a university-wide programme initiated to stimulate a culture of research among the top undergraduates. It aims to provide these undergraduates with a good appreciation of research (its open-endedness, the need for rigour and independence, etc.) and the approaches towards research problems.

Under the URECA programme, academically outstanding second and third year undergraduates are invited to undertake research from a wide choice of over 800 research projects ranging from engineering, biosciences, communications, business management, accountancy and humanities. Invitations are usually sent out in August. The URECA programme is offered as an unrestricted elective worth 4 AUs, and is counted towards the graduating requirements. The amount of time spent on URECA is about 10 hours per week for a minimum of 11 months within an academic year. Undergraduates who participate in URECA are called NTU President Research Scholars (NTU PRSs).

The programme is by-invitation only and is available only to undergraduates who satisfy the following criteria:

  • A full-time NTU undergraduate enrolment;
  • Obtained a YGPA ≥ 4.5 and above
    (Distinction equivalent for LKCM students only);
  • 2nd Year (in a 3-year Bachelor's degree programme);
    2nd or 3rd Year (in a 4-year Bachelor's degree programme);
    2nd, 3rd or 4th Year (in a 5-year Bachelor's degree programme);
  • Require a minimum of 2 semesters (semester 1 and semester 2) before graduating;
  • Accelerated Bachelors Programme (ABP) undergraduates who satisfy the above criteria would be eligible if they do not start their final year project during the period of URECA programme.

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