Student Activities

Academic Activities

Engineering Innovation and Design

MA2079 Engineering Innovation and Design is an integral part of the second-year MAE curriculum.  The course aims to provide students an opportunity to innovate. Students are challenged to develop their own high technology business venture, produce a prototype and write a business plan. The Programme culminates in an Open House where all the projects are displayed at an exhibition and judged on their marketing potential and novelty by a panel of industrialists and venture capitalists. Prizes are awarded in each category; past prizes have been generously sponsored by companies such as ST Engineering, Housing and Development Board, Motorola and Farnell Components.

Student Club Activities

Leadership Development Programme 

The aim of the Leadership Development Programme is to nurture talented MAE undergraduates and to challenge them beyond the regular School curriculum. It seeks to imbue bright students with qualities of leadership, inter-personal skills, creative thinking, independent problem-solving and team-work, so as to enhance their potential as individuals and members of organizations and society. Students in this programme will be given opportunities to participate in leadership training seminars, workshops and self-improvement courses.

MAE Club 

MAE Club is a club run by MAE students for MAE students.  The goal of the club is to provide the best, in every area, for all MAE students. The club is a fertile ground to train future leaders. Members are given the responsibility to serve, make decisions and learn how to become great leaders.

Product Development Challenge

The Product Development Challenge is a platform for students to team up and take on an open-ended project to develop a product such as a race car or a football playing robot. Students participating in the Product Development Challenge will be given the opportunity to showcase their work at international competitions.