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Special Programmes


Accelerated Bachelor's Programme (ABP)


The Accelerated Bachelor’s Programme (ABP) is strictly by invitation and is designed for eligible students who have the academic potential to complete the B.Eng degree in 3.5 years instead of 4 years. One-time offers are usually made via email at the end of the eligible student’s matriculating semester. All students are expected to check their email accounts regularly.

Benefits of ABP

Length of candidature 3.5 years 3.5 or 4 years
With careful planning, non-ABP students may also complete their candidature in 3.5 years but they will not be entitled to any of the other ABP privileges. 
Final Year Project (FYP)


Year 4 standing is not compulsory. The Year of Study is linked to the Classification of Students - details are found in the AU System
ABP students will read their Final Year Project (FYP) from Year 3 Semester 2 to Year 4 Semester 1 (i.e. from Jan to Dec in the same year).

Year 4 standing is compulsory. The Year of Study is linked to the Classification of Students - details are found in the AU System

Industrial Attachment
ABP students will read IA with their Final Year Project (FYP) concurrently in the same semester during Year 3 Semester 2. Non-ABP students are not allowed to read any courses during their IA semester.
Overseas Semester For ABP students who attend from AY2013/14, a workload of up to 24 AUs(including laboratory courses) is allowed.

For non-ABP students who attend from AY2013/14, a workload of up to 21 AUs (including laboratory courses) is allowed.

Workload and Performance

ABP students may follow the ABP curriculum plan but students are also free to plan their own schedule as long as they are able to meet all graduation requirements within 3.5 years. Please click here for details on workload and course registration matters. 

Since the timeframe to fulfill all graduation requirements is shorter, ABP students may need to overload courses. Hence, an ABP student’s workload may be heavier than a non-ABP student. It should be noted that the overloading of courses is not compulsory. 

Students enrolled in the Accelerated Bachelor’s Programme must maintain a minimum CGPA of 4.00 in order to remain in the programme.

Overseas Programmes

ABP students are encouraged to apply for overseas programmes. Such programmes should be completed by Year 3 Semester 1, which falls before the commencement of Final Year Project (FYP) in Year 3 Semester 2. 

Rejection and Withdrawal

Students who decide to withdraw from ABP will write to the Office of Academic Services (OAS) ( with their full name and matriculation number. 

For students who matriculate from AY2013/14, the following groups of students will not be placed on the ABP track in any subsequent semester: 
- Students who reject the ABP offer, 
- Students who do not accept the ABP offer during the window period, 
- Students who withdraw from ABP, or 
- Students who drop out from ABP

ABP Coordinators

Staff Contact Details Office Degree Programme
Ms Soh Mei Zhen 6790 5517

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering ​
​Ms Agatha Ho 6790 5492