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Minor Programme FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Minor in Systems Management (MSM)

1. How will you differentiate between the students taking GE for MSM or for GE requirements?

While there may not be any difference in terms of lectures and tutorials (as applicable), students who are considering to obtain Minor would be given preference, if wait listed. You need to provide your choice during registration.

2. Does the reading of subjects from MSM count as fulfilling GER?

Yes, for courses under GER-UE not for GER-PE.

3. How many courses should I take to qualify for MSM?

You have to take 5 courses, totaling 15 AUs.

4. Should I apply first for MSM or should I just take the courses?

You can continue to take courses without specifying your desire to get MSM. When you complete the course requirements, you need to apply to OAS to obtain the Minor in Systems Management.

If you are unable to add the course to waitlist, please seek approval from your own school or request your school to write to us (

Priority of the courses will be given to st​udents who have ​declared MSM.

5. I want to complete my minor requirements as soon as possible. Can I take more than one subject towards MSM in any given semester?

Yes, you can. The flexibility is with you to take courses. However, do not overload yourself with many courses but use your own pace of learning.

6. Is there any order to take the courses?

No, there is no order. Students are given the flexibility to choose the course based on their convenience.

7. I am interested to work in management, sales or business related jobs and not engineering. Therefore, would MSM still useful to me?

MSM is for enthusiastic students who foresee a rise in their career in a much faster rate. The courses will help to get the big picture of the systems around them. It helps the graduates to understand all the aspects of business processes and product development. Therefore, if you are looking forward to a career to lead in industry, MSM is for you.

8. I intend to be an engineer when I graduate. How will MSM help me?

For engineers, MSM provides the necessary scientific skills and concepts for realization of an engineering product, be it a new microprocessor, biomedical device, software or an entire system. MSM will expose you to various segments of product realization process, for example, customer engineering, product engineering, process engineering, operations and logistics engineering, project management and finally, understanding of complexity of systems.

9. I am not in Engineering School. Would I be able to register for Minor in Systems Management?

MSM is designed for both engineering and non-engineering students. The basket of courses being offered is suitable for students in non-engineering disciplines. Non-engineering students will benefit from systems related engineering concepts which will help them to broaden their understanding of complex systems and engineering aspects of systems management. It will enrich their knowledge and provide them background to work in an engineering industry.

10. I am majoring in engineering but would like to keep my career option open. Will MSM be an asset for me?

The field of systems engineering and management is broad based. When you have adequate background in any other discipline, choice of subjects in MSM can help you to enhance your knowledge and ability to scrutinize, design or implement any new system. MSM subjects helps to understand the aspect of management in engineering. Therefore you get the benefit from both the discipline. That will help you to promote yourself as a leader in the industry.

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