Graduate Programmes (by Research)


NTU PhD Scholarships

Various scholarships are available for application if you are admitting as a full-time local or international PhD student. Click on the links below​ for further information.

Professor with funding who is looking for potential PhD candidate(s):
Faculty ​PhD Project Topic ​Project Info ​Admission Intake
Assoc Prof Chou Siaw Meng

Pie Crusting of Tendons and Ligaments in Total Knee Arthroplasty; An Anatomic and Biomechanical Analysis Using Porcine Tendons and Ligaments

Open till position is filled.
​Assoc Prof Hirotaka Sato Please refer to ​​ for the project topics. ​Open till position is filled.
​Asst Prof Hou Han Wei

Any of these areas:

  1. ​Microfluidic technologies for point-of-care diabetes testing
  2. Microengineered biomimetic organ-on-a-chip
August 2018
​Assoc Prof Li Hua
​Machine learning based approaches for modelling and numerical simulation of advanced materials ​Open till position is filled.
​Asst Prof Mir Feroskhan ​Learning Vision-Based Control of a Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) Aug 2020​​
​Assoc Prof Shu Jian Jun
  1. ​Sensing and Diagnostics: Development of a non-invasive hydrogel-based pulse signal detector
  2. Health Systems Complexity: DNA logic gates for health systems complexity
  3. Health Systems Complexity: DNA-mediated clinical diagnosis system
Open till position is filled.
​Assoc Prof Tai Kang Modelling of Critical Infrastructures for Resilience Analysis of High-Density Urban Systems Aug 2020 or Jan 2021