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MSc(Project Management)


Course Synopsis

Mandatory Courses

MA6071 (MACE60071) Foundation
The Foundation Course provides an overview of the project management discipline, its origins and how it how it has evolved. It will provide an introduction to the principle aspects of the project management process together with an outline of the specific techniques that have been devised to bring about the successful conclusion of projects. The importance of information flow, information technology and information management is covered. It will provide a basis for further study of the entire process of managing projects as well as foundation for those wishing to sit the Professional examinations (APM or PMI). The course is intended as a foundation for the MSc (PM) Programme modules and therefore should be studied first, alone or with one other module.

MA6072 (MACE 60072) Strategy
The Strategy Course places projects in the context of corporate and business strategies, to illustrate their interdependencies, and to show the importance of developing an effective Project Management Plan or project execution strategy. Topics covered include: current thinking on corporate strategy, portfolio and programme management, Project Management and the delivery of strategic objectives.

MA6073 (MACE 60073) Planning and Resource Management
The Planning & Resource Management Course provides an overview of planning and resource management and aims to develop understanding of how principles, methods, and tools in planning and resource management apply to real-world projects. The purpose of this Course is to place project controls, particularly in respect of time, at the centre of the Project Management process and ensure that students understand and can specify and apply appropriate techniques to control the overall project. Topics covered include: the nature of Project Management, an overview of project planning and control, project planning and control techniques, scheduling resources, project planning and risk management. In each topic, we will introduce basic tools and methods for analysing and managing planning problems and opportunities, as well as provide a strategic view of using those tools and methods.

MA6074 (MACE 60074) Project Cost Management
The Project Cost Management Course places project and product controls, particularly in respect of cost, at the centre of the Project Management process and ensure that students understand and can specify and apply appropriate techniques to control the overall project. Topics covered include: project uncertainty and risk, cost and budget estimating, cash flow management and controls in the project financial process, value management, change and configuration control.

MA6075 (MACE 60075) Commercial and Procurement
The Commercial & Procurement Course aims to give an understanding of the commercial interests and relationships between companies involved at different levels in projects. It looks as how these relationships are developing to meet the needs of projects and the ways in which these relationships are shaped by legal and other restraints. Lessons and choices in strategies for the procurement of goods and services are also discussed, and the consequences for managers of projects. Topics covered include: types of contract, the law of contract, law and commercial relationships, liability law and dispute resolution.

MA6076 (MACE 60076) Systems Engineering and Project Management
The Systems Engineering Course introduces students to the concepts of Systems Engineering, and demonstrates how it facilitates the management of projects. It covers a broad spectrum of Systems Engineering topics, across both a hard systems and soft systems perspective. Much of the value of SE to project professionals is in the way that practitioners think about and visualise a project. The first four topics deal specifically with those soft systems issues. The remaining eight topics break down SE into more recognisable core, hard system, elements. The principal learning outcome of the course is for students to think of a project as a system, and provide the basis for critical thinking in their professional roles.

MA6077 (MACE 60077) People, Organization and Culture
The People, Organisation & Culture Course is dealt with in an integrated way, with a number of key threads such as communication and culture running throughout. At the end of the course students should have a sound knowledge of key issues and theoretical models relating to people in project management. The approach to learning in this course is one of reflective practice. This encouraged in several ways. Students are asked, in their coursework, to reflect on a real problem they have knowledge of in their work context. They then formulate the problem and analyse the situation. Also, in each Topic (section) of the workbook students are asked reflective questions to try to ensure that the theoretical concepts addressed are contextualised. A number of activities and approaches are introduced over the 6 month delivery period for this course based using reflective practice strategies.

MA6078 (MACE 60078) Managing Research Projects
The Managing Research Projects Course develops students’ ability to conduct a research or reflective assignment within the domain of project management and to prepare students to successfully carry out the dissertation component of the programme. The course introduces the principles of research design and illustrates the application of alternative research methods to research problems in the domain of project management. In addition, emphasis will be given to carrying out a literature review, including searching for relevant literature, writing a well structured and coherent review including an element of critical and reflective review.