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MSc(Project Management)


Matriculation Information

Confirm Status of Offer

You may check and confirm the status of the offer online.

If you are offered a place, you need to complete the following:

Register yourself:
Even if you are successful in more than one application, you can register for only one programme. The University reserves the right to terminate your candidature if you register for more than one programme at the same time.

We will send you an email acknowledgement. An offer letter with details of admission will be sent to you via email or post.

Application for accommodation for new graduate students

Please submit your applications at least one month before matriculation.

Click here to apply


Matriculation is to be done upon arrival in the Nanyang Technological University. Students will receive the details through the offer of admission letter, which is issued by the University in due course.

Health Matters

NTU Medical Centre
You may visit the NTU Medical Centre for your medical examination. Please click here for the location, operating hours and contact details.

Graduate students (full-time) charges      

Consultation Standard Drugs Non Standard Drugs
$10 before 7% GST Chargeable Chargeable

Clinics near campus 
For the location, operating hours and contact details of clinics located near campus, please click here. Contact the clinics directly for their charges. Charges for GP outpatient services are not covered under the Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance scheme unless for treatment within 48 hours of an accident for eligible students.

For Full Time International Students
Two insurance schemes – the Group Personal Accident Insurance and the Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance – help students meet medical costs.