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MSc(Project Management)


Programme Structure & Duration

The programme embodies critical thinking and reflective practice. It promotes and supports a community of practice for students, enabling networking and communication with their peers; sharing experiences and practices across a wide array of project environments.

Description Number of Courses Face-to-face Residential Events   Dissertation
Plenary Mid-Term Interaction
Coursework and Dissertation 8 mandatory courses  1 every semester 2 every semester 2 every semester 1 mandatory dissertation to be completed in 12 months. Students can begin their dissertation only after the successful completion all of all 8 mandatory courses.

Duration: Each academic year comprises two semesters. Students can complete the entire programme within three years by taking two courses per semester and undertaking the dissertation at the start of Year 3. The maximum candidature is six years.

Note 1:- Programme structure & course offerings are subjected to change.

Note 2:- There are no traditional style weekly classes in this programme.