MSc(Precision Engineering)



The precision engineering industry forms the backbone of Singapore’s complex manufacturing activities and is a core enabler for industries such as electronics, marine, aerospace, oil and gas, medical devices and optics. Singapore Precision engineering sector has since developed into a critical pillar of Singapore’s manufacturing sector. Present advanced technological products of importance in the international marketplace are dependent on high precision manufacturing processes, machines, control technologies and nanotechnology. The achievement of ultra-high precision in the manufacture of extremely small devices opens the prospects in several diverse fields such as massive computing power, medical devices in bloodstream, global personal communication devices and high- resolution optical devices.

Optical Engineering (OE) Specialisation 

A great opportunity to be awarded with a Specialisation in Optical Engineering (OE) in addition to your Master of Science Degree in Precision Engineering (MSc PE). This new specialisation in Optical Engineering is offered to meet the growing demands of optics industries in Singapore. There is an increased use of optical system in wide ranging applications from consumer products such as handphones and projectors to novel laser based measurement and application systems. This requires trained engineers for the growing local high end design, manufacturing and testing of optical elements, components and systems. With an increasing number of overseas companies, moving their design and manufacturing base to Singapore as well as the impetus for many of the local Precision Engineering companies to explore new expertise areas, there will be increasing demand for students with a basic Mechanical Engineering degree (design and manufacturing) to be well versed with concepts in Optical Engineering for this growth sector.