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MSc(Supply Chain & Logistics)


Course Synopsis


L6002 Quantitative Methods for Logistics Analysis

Probability and Statistical Concepts. Sampling Methods. Statistical Inference: Estimation, Hypothesis Testing. Goodness-of-fit Tests. Non-Parametric Procedures. Regression Analysis. Optimisation Techniques for Solving Logistics Problems. Linear and Integer Programming. Network Flow Analysis. Queuing Theory. Computer Applications.

L6003 Corporate Resource Planning

Planning and investing corporate resources for innovation, growth and competitive advantage. Global manufacturing and the design of supply chain strategies. Technical and economic analysis of different approaches to corporate strategies. Impact of technological changes. International operations planning. Enterprise and integration. Enterprise resource planning. Organisation and capacity planning. Performance evaluation.

L6102 Procurement & Supplier Development 

Managing Procurement Management Process includes to identify supplier contract milestones, to review supplier performance against contract, to identify and resolve supplier performance issues. Systematic coordination of all aspects of the procurement process: bids, price negotiations, assuring proper quantities and specifications, shipping and delivery. Challenges in Public Procurement, Engineering economics and analysis. Contracting-out and outsourcing decision.

Public and private project considerations. Present worth method and annual worth method, Benefit-cost ratio method for projects evaluation. Strategic Purchasing and Supply Management, Type of contract: Fixed-price, Cost-reimbursement, Incentive, Indefinite-delivery, Time-and-materials, etc., Selecting Suppliers for Development, Key Technical Purchasing Skills, Contract Management, Project Management Skills and Interpersonal Skills. Industry Trends, Decision Process, Specification Development, Bid Process: Soliciting Bids and Selecting a Supplier, Receiving Process, Alternate Purchasing Strategies, Supplier Performance Measurement and Evaluation.

L6103 Supply Chain Analysis & Design

Supply chain management: issues and challenges, risk pooling, Value of information, Multi-echelon inventory management, Supply chain integration: push-pull supply chain, Supply chain drivers and metrics, SC performance measurement, Supply network design: pipeline inventory consideration in supply chains, Inventory-transportation trade-off, Supply contracts, Risks in global supply chains and supply chain strategies. Environmental sustainability considerations in supply chains.

L6116 Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Introduction to Operations Management, Inventory Theory and Control, Basics of Lean Manufacturing and Push-Pull Systems, Factory Dynamics, Variability Analysis, Theory of Constraints, Demand Forecasting, Aggregate Planning, Basic and Advanced Scheduling, Queuing, and Role of Operations Management within Supply Chain and manufacturing Systems   


L6115 Management of Logistics Functions

This course will provide the students with knowledge on the management of three main logistics functions: freight management, warehousing management and distribution management. Topics covered include: Introduction to Logistics Function and their Management, Distribution Management, Warehousing Management, Transportation Management, Freight Resource Planning, and Case Study in Management of Logistics Functions.

M6141 Quality Engineering

Quality concepts, statistical process control, process improvement, design of experiments, reliability, quality management systems and design, product liability. Case studies and examples of industrial applications will be used throughout the course. The course develops an appreciation of advanced quality engineering techniques and a perception of how quality can be built into all stages of a product life cycle.

M6205 Systems Simulation & Modelling 

Discrete-event simulation; Basic model-building blocks; Simulation of global manufacturing facilities; System life cycle analysis; Simulation validation and verification; Continuous Simulation; Supply Chain Modelling; Simulation Case Study.

M6401 Product Design & Development

Multi-disciplinary approach to product design and development. Product development process and strategies. Need identification and product specifications. Generation and evaluation of ideas and concepts. Product architecture. Product aesthetics and form creation. Product semantics and identity

MA6535 Management of Global Manufacturing

Introduction and overview. Global manufacturing operations: planning and implementation. Justification and evaluation of global manufacturing. Global manufacturing operations: management. Case study.

M6931 System Reliability & Risk Analysis

Introduction of system reliability and risk; Statistical methods in system reliability modelling; System failure rate distribution and estimation; System configuration and reliability; Failure mode and effects analysis; Stochastic risk models for complex systems; Optimal policies for system maintenance.