Graduate Programmes (by Research)


NTU PhD Scholarships

Various scholarships are available for application if you are admitting as a full-time local or international PhD student. Click on the links below​ for further information.

Professor with funding who is looking for potential PhD candidate(s):
Faculty ​PhD Project Topic ​Project Info ​Admission Intake
Assoc Prof Chou Siaw Meng

Pie Crusting of Tendons and Ligaments in Total Knee Arthroplasty; An Anatomic and Biomechanical Analysis Using Porcine Tendons and Ligaments

August 2018
​Assoc Prof Hirotaka Sato Please refer to ​​ for the project topics. ​January 2019
​Asst Prof Hong Li

Any of these areas:

  1. Hydrogen energy generation from water
  2. Carbon dioxide conversion to energy fuel
  3. Catalysis for energy and environmental applications
  4. Nanoelectronic & optoelectranoelectronic applications
  5. Photosensing & chemical sensing applications
August 2018
​Asst Prof Hou Han Wei

Any of these areas:

  1. ​Microfluidic technologies for point-of-care diabetes testing
  2. Microengineered biomimetic organ-on-a-chip
August 2018
​Assoc Prof Li Hua
Deep Learning Based High Performance CFD Simulation of Multiphase Flow with GPU ​Open till position is filled.
​Asst Prof Li King Ho Holden

​Any of these areas:

  1. Wearable sensors
  2. Non-invasive sensors and devices for regular Vascular Access (VA) surveillance
  3. Mechanistic studies of gut microbiota-brain interactions using microfluidics
  4. Microfluidics approaches for leukocyte sorting and
    functional characterization In type 2 diabetes patients
  5. MEMS sensors for space applications
​Asst Prof Lorenzo Masia ​Soft Exoskeleton for Upper Limb Assistance/Augmentation ​August 2018
​Asst Prof Ng Bing Feng

Any of these areas:

  1. Thermo-fluids in sustainable buildings
  2. Hydrodynamics and elasticity of tidal and offshore turbines
  3. Dynamical responses of 3D printed structures
January 2019​ or August 2019
​Assoc Prof Sameer Alam

 ​Any of these areas:

  1. Autonomous Systems for Air Traffic Control
  2. Air Traffic Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
  3. Stochastic Game Theory in Air Transportation
  4. Intelligent Agents for Air Traffic Management
  5. Collision Risk Modelling using Machine Learning
  6. Trajectory Prediction under Uncertainty
  7. Airspace and Airport Capacity, Demand, Forecasting and Delay Modelling
  8. Aviation Emissions, Contrails and Noise: Modelling, Mitigation and Management

​​August 2018 or January 2019

​Assoc Prof Shu Jian Jun
  1. ​Sensing and Diagnostics: Development of a non-invasive hydrogel-based pulse signal detector
  2. Health Systems Complexity: DNA logic gates for health systems complexity
  3. Health Systems Complexity: DNA-mediated clinical diagnosis system
August 2018 or January 2019
​​Assoc Prof Shu Jian Jun

2018 Industrial Postgraduate Programme with Schlumberger – Understanding Multiphase Flow

August 2018
​Asst Prof Zhang Yi ​Micro/Nano System and Materials for Biomedical Applications ​January 2019