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Engineers are wealth creators of the world!

From phones we use to the buses and cars we take and the roads we ply to buildings we live and work in to the planes we see in the skies, engineering plays a key role in our everyday lives! Engineering is not just about ‘fixing things’ it is about understanding how, and why things work and making lives simpler and safer for all.

This also means that we engineers get to do really cool stuff! Being an engineer means you get to be the first to develop or try out new technologies like Life-size humanoids or developing environmentally sustainable buildings like the first undersea house! Engineers discover and patent new materials that can cure cancer or cure the common cold. Engineers are very much involved in making the future a reality.

Engineers have diverse careers

The diversity of engineering means that whatever your interest, there is probably a place for you working in engineering, more so in mechanical engineering. From marine technology to innovative design, from robotics to space travel, from supply chain & logistics to sustainable energy management, our mechanical engineers are highly sought after in every industry in not only Singapore but even the world.

Some engineers have also gone into medicine, law, business management, marketing, or other financial institutions. Having strong fundamentals in maths and other pratical skillsets such as working effectively under pressure, banks such as Barclays and Merrill Lynch strongly consider engineers as viable candidates who would adapt well in the intensive banking environments.

An engineering education will hence prepare you for many different careers and equip you to be a true wealth creator for yourself and society as a whole.

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