Undergraduate (Part-Time)



Mechanical Engineering Degree Programme (Part-Time)

Mechanical Engineering studies the science of mechanics. Mechanical engineers use their knowledge in the design and manufacturing of high-tech products, as well as in the operation and maintenance of plant and machinery. The B.Eng. (Mech.) degree programme, offered in the School of MAE, aims to train professionals with a well-rounded education in engineering and technology.

The part-time Bachelor of Engineering degree is designed for those with polytechnic diplomas or equivalent qualifications who would like to further their studies on a part-time basis while continuing to work. The part-time students take the same examinations as their full-time counterparts and receive the same B.Eng. degree which is wholly recognised by reputable professional institutions.

The normal duration of study is 4 years but students are allowed to complete the programme at their own pace within a maximum candidature period of 6 years. The degree programme will leverage on active collaborative learning pedagogies to promote learning and teaching in both online and offline spaces. Technology-enriched classes empower adult learners to learn anytime, anywhere in order to strike a good balance between their work and study commitments, and at the same time fulfil their desire to obtain a professional degree.