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Undergraduate (Part-Time)



“I am thankful that MAE offers this part-time Mechanical Engineering programme as it gives working professionals like me an opportunity to obtain a prestigious degree from a local university. This part-time degree is highly regarded by most employers as the syllabus is identical to the full-time programme and taught by the same dedicated faculties. I felt a great sense of achievement at having successfully juggled my studies, work and family life. As the saying goes, “All good things come to those who go after them.”

Au Seng Chong
Mechanical Engineering (Part-Time) Graduate 2007
Betchel Book Prize Winner

“The part-time Mechanical Engineering programme is taught by highly qualified professors who are willing to go an extra mile to guide and nurture us. They are also a great source of inspiration as they share with us their life experiences and tribulations. Embarking on my degree at the School of MAE has been an enjoyable and enriching experience and I’m looking forward to greater career opportunities upon my graduation!”

Susan Yeo Hui Kuan
Mechanical Engineering Student (Part-Time)

“Pursuing a rigorous degree programme like Mechanical Engineering can be a challenging prospect when you are working full time. For me, it helps that MAE has systems in place to facilitate the planning of my work and studies. My professors and course mates are also very encouraging - a very important factor that has kept me doggedly focused on my studies. With a curriculum that is current and relevant to my work in the oil and gas industry, I am certainly much better prepared for the challenges ahead!”

Lily Hee Li Li
Mechanical Engineering Student (Part-Time)