Dual Degree PhD Programme in Engineering with Carnegie Mellon University


The Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, and the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), USA, have launched a dual degree programme that enables PhD-level candidates at CMU and at NTU to earn a degree at each institution.

All student candidates in the CMU ME/NTU CoE Dual Degree PhD Programme must satisfy all of the academic and other requirements of both institutions in order to receive both degrees.

The dual degree PhD programme is structured so that student candidates spend part of their time resident at CMU and part of their time resident at NTU.


  • Open to all citizens and permanent residents of Singapore.
  • A First Class Honours engineering degree and a Masters degree are preferred. However, all interested candidates with a good Honours engineering degree are encouraged to apply.
  • Candidates must pursue a topic of research consistent with the focus on Robotics and/or Intelligent Systems.
  • Each candidate must agree to, and fulfil, obligations set out in EDB training Agreement with him/her.

Funding Support

The Recipient, whilst at CMU, will receive the following support:

  • 100% of the course fees, as charged by CMU, for the 2 years spent in CMU.
  • Fixed monthly stipend of S$2,500 for 24 months at CMU.
  • One-time S$4,000 settling-in allowance before starting PhD programme in CMU.
  • One return economy airfare per student subject to a cap of S$3,500.

During the local phase at NTU, recipients will receive support consistent with the existing Research Studentship Scheme (RSS).


The candidate will be bonded to serve at a related NTU-SP research centre or at relevant Intelligent System (IS) companies or company divisions in Singapore for three years, subjected to EDB approval.


Admission is in August or January each year. For more admission details and application, please click here.

You can apply for this scholarship when you are filling in your graduate studies application form. Complete the pplication for Scholarship?section in your application form.

Research Work and Duties

  • You must undertake to carry out research work at NTU as directed by the Chair of the School concerned.
  • Upon your confirmation of PhD candidature, you will be required to assist your School in teaching duties for three hours a week. There will be no additional remuneration.


Please contact: Associate Professor Gerald Seet
Head (Mechatronics and Design)
School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Tel: 6790 5600
Email: H-DMD@ntu.edu.sg