Core Facilities


Micro-Systems Lab

Rapid Imaging Micro-Raman Spectrophotometer System, Renishaw Invia

This system consist of stellar-Pro ML150 laser, Renishaw 633 nm HeNe laser, Leica DM 2500M microscope and high specification computer for data collection and analysis.

It can be used to analyses materials (rapidly and non–destructively) for determine,

  • if a specific material or species is present
  • if any unknown materials are present in the sample
  • the variation in a parameter of a material, such as crystallinity or stress state
  • the distribution of the material or species
  • the size of any particles or domains
  • the thickness and composition of layered materials, such as polymer laminates, from micrometres to millimetres thick
  • the relative amounts of materials or species


Mr. Reinack Varghese Hansen (Research Student of Prof. Yang JingLei)
Tel: 6790 5361
Prof. Yang JiangLei (PI-in-charge )
Contact Number: 6790 6906
Location: N3.1-B2a-01

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