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Research Project​​ Principal Investigator
Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance for UAV through Data Analytics Moon Seung Ki
Layerwise microstructure scanner: A new technology for online materials assessment in additive manufacturing Matteo Seita
Ultrafast Automotive Trim Prototyping Tool Su Pei-Chen
Microfluidic approaches for point-of-care immune and vascular health profiling in type 2 diabetes mellitus Hou Han Wei
Flapping wing MAVs - Towards the next generation air vehicle Lau Gih Keong
Development of an Asian-skin in a microfluidic plate for safety assessment Yeong Wai Yee
Drug Delivery System for Boosting Locomotive Performances in Biological Machine Hirotaka Sato
Assessing crystallographic information in metals via optical microscopy Matteo Seita
Development of innovative industrialization procedures for minimization of costs and lead time in the development of nano and micro satellites Tai Kang
Wind energy systems: Aero-servo-elasticity, design, optimisation and opportunities Ng Bing Feng
Indoor air quality and cognitive performance Wan Man Pun
Social Robots for Healthcare Delivery at the Pharmacy and Geriatric Day Hospital Chen I-Ming
Biomimetic Water Flow / Water Quality Sensors and Air Quality Sensors (subaward agreement no. II - 46) Miao Jianmin
Phase Change Materials for Satellite Thermal Management Sunil Chandrakant Joshi
Nanyang Education Awards 2016 Marcos
Directional Reflectance Microscopy for Alloys Characterization Matteo Seita
Vibropreening Mechanisms and Influence of its Process Variables on Material Properties-Phase 1 Tegoeh Tjahjowidodo
Development of electrochemical process for precision mechanical parts Hirotaka Ssto
Development of a Floating Tidal Turbine System with Flow Enhancement Features Ng Yin Kwee, Eddie
"Human-Robot Physical Interactions in Realistic Scenarios: from human-human haptic coordination to industrial collaborative robots" Domenico Campolo
Achieving Comprehensive Fluidic Control of Magnetic Digital Microfluidics for Biomedical Applications Using 3D Printing, Liquid Marble and Single Molecule Spectroscopy Zhang Yi
Hyperspectral Polariscope with Light Field Imaging Anand Krishna Asundi
Development of Nanostructured Membrane Based Metal Organic Frameworks for O2 Separation from Air Anutosh Chakraborty
Patterned Subwavelength Focusing by Acoustic Metalens Fan Zheng, David
Decoupling part geometry from microstructure in directed energy deposition technology: towards reliable 3D printing of metallic components Matteo Seita
Development of a Novel Breast Oncoplastic Surgery Simulation (BOSS) Markup 3D model as a Surgical Training Tool Chou Siaw Meng
Design and Development of a Passive Cervical Traction Device Using 3D Printing Chou Siaw Meng
Integration of Sugar Energy Harvester into Wireless Communication Device Hirotaka Ssto
A Stochastic Runway-Taxiway Simulator for Airfield Capacity and Delay Modelling ​Sameer Alam
A novel point of care device for the optimal management of nocturia Marcos
Elucidating Interfacial Events that Underpin Dynamic Motion of 3 Phase Contact Lines Tran Anh Tuan
3D Food Printing for Elderly and Patients with Chewing Difficulties and/or Dysphagia Li Lin
Model-based and Virtual-Reality-enabled Learning and Teaching of Biomolecules Cai YiYu
Incorporation and Development of Computational Fluid Dynamics Techniques for Studies of Flow in Aircrafts, Combustion Devices, and Urban Planning ​Chan Wai Lee
AMEC Projects Pang Hock Lye, John
Further development and optimization of the post construction quality inspection robot (QuicaBot) and Spray Painting Robot (PictoBot) Chen I-Ming
Technology Assisted Upper Extremities Movement Measurement System for Tele-rehabilitation Ang Wei Tech
Smart Rehabilitation Exosuits for Clinic and Home Assistance Lorenzo Masia
Development of a Microfluidic Bovine Sperm Sorting Device Marcos
Semi-Autonomous Assistive Shelver: Aged Worker Enabling Technology at Supermarkets Chen I-Ming
Smart Exosuits for Human Augmentation in Industrial Working Environment Lorenzo Masia
Industrial Applications of ultrasonic Guided Waves Fan Zheng, David
Project GATOR Zhou Yufeng
Artificial Intelligence To Reduce Workload Of ATCo-An Exploratory Study Sameer Alam
3D-Printed Active Compression Therapy Device for the Prevention and Treatment of Venous Disease Zhang Yi
Additive Process Optimization on Hybrid Machines Pang Hock Lye, John
Maintainable Design Appraisal System Moon Seung Ki
Investigating the role of microstructure on microbially-induced corrosion of metals in different marine environments Matteo Seita
Security Kiosk Modular Design Wong Chee How
Exosuit for Fall Prevention Ang Wei Tech
Additive Manufacturing of Wind Turbine Structural Components Zhou Kun
Analysis of intermittent contact failure in IC packaging for energy and environmental applications Zhou Kun
Model Factory @ARTC Tegoeh Tjahjowidodo
Design and Development of 3D Printed Modular Robot Castings Murukeshan Vadakke Matham
Controllable Wetting and Drying of a Sessile Droplet of Solutions and Suspensions Duan Fei
Robotics for Caregivers: a feasibility study on the use of robotics in community centres for geriatric care Domenico Campolo
Personalized Wearable Active Compression Device with 3D-Printed Stretchable Sensor for Venous Disease Prevention and Treatment in the Elderly Patients Zhang Yi
Insect-Hybrid Legged Robot Integrated with Micro Sensors and Remote Navigation System Hirotaka Ssto
Development of a novel “Bio-ink” for 3D printing Yeong Wai Yee
Design automation of miniature soft robots Lum Guo Zhang
Testing and demonstration of Multi-drone Flight Operations Low Kin Huat
3D Printing of UAV Structural Components Ng Teng Yong
Hemodynamic studies of a bi-leaflet venous valve for pressure segmentation Yeo Joon Hock
Engineering Nonlinearities for Improved Structural Dynamics Design Using Advanced Vibration Tests Lin Rongming
Learning-based path planning of unmanned aerial vehicles with vision-based sensing Erdal Kayacan
A data driven design strategy to improve quality in additive manufacturing Moon Seung Ki
Pilot Project on Technology Readiness of Additive Manufacturing in Maritime and Oil & Gas Industry Sectors - An in-depth Case Study Analysis on Repair Applications Tran Anh Tuan
Development of 3D Printing with Recycled Tan Ming Jen
Development of 3D Printable Polymer Composites for Automotive Applications Zhou Kun
Expert system for additive manufacturing Wong Chee How
Restoration of damaged printed circuit boards (PCBs) and circuits using 3D Printing Tran Anh Tuan
Indirect Real Time Monitoring of the Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) Process Tegoeh Tjahjowidodo
Greener Compressor which Requires Lesser Material to Fabricate Ooi Kim Tiow
Low-cost Composite Electro-catalysts with high Activity and Platinum Utilization Rate Chan Siew Hwa
Automated Trophectoderm Biopsy for Pre-implantation Genetic Diadnosis (PGD) Ang Wei Tech
Development of a device to treat intestinal obstruction by rapid yet safe decompression of stomach and intestinal contents Tegoeh Tjahjowidodo
Hybridization of additive manufacturing and direct write method for fabricating unmanned aerial vehicle parts with printed electronics Yeong Wai Yee
Research Work on Fatigue Response of Adhesive Bonded T-Joints under Flexural Fatigue With and Without Defects Sridhar Idapalapati
Rocking Horse Wong Chee How
Inspection of CFRP Fan Blade Dovetail Roots Fan Zheng, David
Inspection of CFRP Composite Components for Fibre Waviness Fan Zheng, David
Electrophoretic motion of porous particles in a cylindrical tube at low Reynolds number Marcos
Thermoacoustic Interaction of Acoustic Streaming and Heat Transfer Duan Fei
Graphene/metal hetero-interface based optical switches by field controlled Surface Plasmons Murukeshan Vadakke Matham
Development of novel hydrogel-based inks for 3D bioprinting of mechanically robust 3D scaffolds Li Lin
In-process Surface Roughness Measurements using Ultrasound Fan Zheng, David
Automated Toolpath Generation for Robotic Polishing Using Haptics Domenico Campolo
Turbocharger Nozzle Ring Design Optimisation Through Residual Stress & CFD Simulation Alessandro Romagnoli
Modelling and Development of High Performance Li-ion Batteries Used under Extreme Conditions Su Pei-Chen
Identifying Emerging Topics of Prominence In High Impact Multi-Disciplinary Researc Khor Khiam Aik
Development of the Deep Cold Rolling Process Tegoeh Tjahjowidodo
Next generation silicon fuel cells with robust membrane stability Su Pei-Chen
High-intensity focused ultrasound ablation of benign thyroid nodules using erosion mechanism Zhou Yufeng
Conceptual design and development of an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene valved conduit with sinus of Valsalva using 3-D printing technology Yeo Joon Hock
Application of Phase Change Materials (PCM) for improved energy efficiency in Waste to Energy (WtE) plants Alessandro Romagnoli
Walking and Cycling Simulator Yap Fook Fah
Individual Mobility Vehicles and Services (IMVS) Ng Heong Wah
Machine Condition Monitoring - Real-time anomalies detection Pang Hock Lye, John
Simulation and Modelling of Selective Laser Melting Wong Chee How
Machine Condition Monitoring Pang Hock Lye, John
Development of electrochemical devices for energy conversion and storage Li Hong
Miniaturised probe for irido-corneal imaging integrated to a slit lamp Murukeshan Vadakke Matham
Traffic Management of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) - Enabling Efficient and Safe Operations in Urban Environment Low Kin Huat
Sensing and Dynamics Lau Gih Keong
BEARS -NTU SinBerBest Program Year 5 Lam Yee Cheong
MEMS Chips for Ca and Mg ions detection in Industrial Water Miao Jianmin
Biomimetic Water Flow / Water Quality Sensors and Air Quality Sensors Miao Jianmin
System for Home Alert & Rehabilitation (SHARE) Ang Wei Tech
Intelligent Building Automation and Analytics using Model-Predictive Control (MPC) Ng Bing Feng
Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore - A*STAR Ang Wei Tech
Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore - NHG Ang Wei Tech
Development of a Revolving Vane Pump Ooi Kim Tiow
Detecting Signals of Societal-Economic Impact: Biomaterials as a Case Study Khor Khiam Aik
Plantar Foot Thermography Patterns among Healthy People, Those with and Without Diabetic Sensory Neuropathy Ng Yin Kwee, Eddie
Development of Automated Deburring Solution for Large Structures (Phase II) and Automation of Advanced Surface Finishing for Aero Components Tegoeh Tjahjowidodo