Tools for Initial Design & Bidding in a Collaborative Design Chain

Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Chen Chun-Hsien





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Last Update: Jan 2015


The design chain constitutes all those players involved in the product development process or Product Development Life-Cycle (PDLC). These chains have increasing numbers of disparate groups, because they provide risk and cost sharing, opportunities for global product marketing & sales, and outsourcing of business activities to take advantage of new expertise, lower costs or other business drivers. Collaboration during product development is highly critical and particularly important for SMEs and MNCs in Singapore who need to enhance and extend their product development capabilities regionally and internationally.

The aim of this project is to focus on the initial portion of the PDLC, containing commercial bidding for product development contracts, specification development and conceptual design. The focus of many initiatives is on the problems faced by large, top tier manufacturers, whereas this project deals primarily with SMEs, since they are a vital supporting pillar of manufacturing industry in Singapore. Early stages of new product development process involve both technical activities, e.g. product platform definition, and commercial activities, e.g. bidding for contract. This work introduces a customer-oriented collaborative design and bidding system (C2DBS) to help SMEs coordinate the two aspects. The figure below illustrates a web-based framework of C2DBS.


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