Integrated Wave Loads Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbine Platform Under Special and Complex Conditions

Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Ng Yin Kwee, Eddie





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Last Update: Dec 2015


This EDB-DNV-ERIAN & NREL project aims to design a 5-MW baseline downwind floating spar type wind turbine based on the SWAY model (Fig. 1) & available wind turbine design specifications. Also, to evaluate and compare the loads and dynamics of the 5-MW downwind turbine (in 2 & 3-bladed configuration), and the 5-MW National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) upwind reference wind turbine using selected design load cases (DLCs). The blade flapwise and edgewise blending loads are analyzed using one 10-min test case with unsteady wind conditions at a mean wind speed of 4.35 m/s at anemometer height. Fig. 2 shows a typical FFT analysis of the flapwise blade loads. The current results suggest that the calibrated FAST model was able to simulate the dynamics of the prototype SWAY wind turbine in free-decay motions with reasonable accuracy. But, to have better confidence in the model, more work needs to be done on the calibration process to reduce deviations in the simulated results and fine-tune the model over several periods.


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