Coupled CFD and Depth Integrated Modelling of Marine Structures

Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Ng Yin Kwee, Eddie





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Last Update: Jan 2015


The aim of this EDB-DHI-IPP project is to achieve a safe yet cost effective model to predict wave loads and responses in detail for near shore and offshore floating structures that involves:

  • Transfer of boundaries from far-field depth-integrated model to near-field Navier-Stokes Volume of Fluids;
  • Linearisation of parameters from far-field depth-integrated model to solve equations of motion.
An efficient way to transfer the results from a Boussinesq wave solver to the vast array of solvers in OpenFOAM® was developed. Another fully coupled motion response solver WAMSIM was also reviewed with the aim to compare both methods. A test was done in the near-field using interDyMFoam, to determine the reasons causing the Courant instabilities plaguing many of the previous results (Fig. 1). It was found that reducing the acceleration relaxation parameters improved the stability of the runs, though without experimental validation it is difficult to determine if the parameter compromises the accuracy (Fig. 2).

On-going work in DHI Denmark is focusing on setting up the experiment well aligned to test out the several methods to improve the efficiency and accuracy.