Probability Model for Ignition of Gas Ingested by a Gas Turbine

Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Ng Yin Kwee, Eddie





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Last Update: Jan 2015


We are seeking an improved understanding of ignition mechanisms and operational scenarios, to reduce residual fire and explosion risk at offshore and onshore facilities and to keep people working at such places safer.

This EDB LR-GTC project aims at addressing the risk associated with gas turbine air intakes, which is part of the full gas turbine package seen in Fig. 1.

An operational challenge however, is during major incident (e.g. gas releases, fire and explosion), constant power supply is required for the operation of safety functions (e.g. Emergency Shut Down system, Fire & Gas detection system and active fire water system) and Station Keeping Systems. Thus diesel engines and/or gas turbines may need to operate continuously as back-up power may not be sufficient. Even if a shutdown is imminent, there may be instances where the engine/gas turbine air intake is already exposed to flammable gas. Fig. 2 shows gas migrating the air intakes of the gas turbine package.