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Nanyang Technological University is a premier university in South East Asia, housing some of the best-equipped teaching and research facilities in this region. In NTU, the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering has fostered an active and vibrant research environment with support of good R&D infrastructure and opportunities for research funding. We have over 150 faculty members and a large population of research staff and graduate student actively involved in strategic research and development work.

In general, the University has three types of research appointments, Research Fellow, Research Associate and Project Officer. The entry qualifications for these appointments are:

  • Research Fellow: Candidates should usually have a PhD degree.
  • Research Associate: Candidates should have a Master degree.
  • Project Officer: Candidates should have a Bachelor degree.

The duration of the contract of appointment and the terms of service will depend on the specific appointment offered and the research grant under which they are appointed. Leave and medical benefits are usually provided.

We invite you to browse through the list of research positions that are currently open.

Applicants for Research Fellow, Research Associate and Project Officer position can download the application form and send the electronic version to