MAE Safety



MAE Safety Training and Awareness

MAE in fulfillment of NTU OHS Directive and SOP on University Safety Training and Communication require users (working within laboratories and workplace in MAE) to complete the modules below to ensure they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and competency to deal with workplace hazards in a safe manner.

Click here to view MAE Safety Training Matrix, which includes mandatory courses for specific roles, i.e. ERT, first aiders, and Lab specific training.

Requirements for User to access MAE Laboratories - Click here for flow chart

  • Mandatory requirements for MAE Laboratory users - accessible through NTULearn (Guide to accessing the courses in NTULearn)
    1. NTU Safety Induction For Laboratory users
    2. MAE Safety Induction For Laboratory users
    3. SGSECURE Prepared Citizen Training
    4. 12 core safety modules
      a. Fire Safety in NTU
      b. Electrical Safety
      c. Slip, Trip and Fall
      d. Manual Lifting
      e. Use of Fire Extinguisher
      f. Work station/Office Ergonomics
      g. Risk Management: Introduction
      h. Risk Management: Legal Requirement
      i. Risk Management: Doing Risk Assessment
      j. Risk Management: Risk Control Measures
      k. Understanding Signage from SS508
      l. Use of Fire Blanket

  • Additional requirements for Laboratory Specific Training - Click here for Training Matrix (Lab specific)

  • Log in Staff/Student Link and obtain the safety training records from Safety Training Management System
    1. Staff Link -> Learning & Development Services -> Safety Training Management System -> My Training Records
    2. Student Link / GSLink -> General Services -> Safety Training -> My Training Records

  • The Safety Training results will be available by the next working day

Requirements for Office Staff - Click here for flow chart

  • Mandatory requirements for MAE Office staff - accessible through NTULearn (Guide to accessing the courses in NTULearn)
    1. NTU safety induction for Office Staff
    2. SGSECURE Prepared Citizen Training
    3. 8 core safety modules, refer to above (a) to (h)
    4. MAE Emergency Management training slides – Click here to access